Academy profile

ORANJE/ORANGE  FOOTBALL ACADEMY (a.k.a O.F.A) from Kikwajuni Zanzibar is established in 2009 after taking over the former club's name Flamingo F.C  which was worked in very hard conditions with young talented footballers in recent years.
O.F.A dedicated to helping young footballers aged between U14 and U19 to archieve their potential - sourcing, developing and placing into the worldwide professional game.
O.F.A  was founded upon the premise of developing talented young football players as "the future Stars ” with the objective to transform these players for the international level.

Since opening its doors in 2009 transformed the management from Flamingo f.c to Oranje Football Academy , Having grown from humble beginnings,zanzibar has   enjoyed our project and individual successes including league championships and other compatitions,

we do appreciate our current success and strive to to continue improving our standards. Through taking care of the little details and working hard we have made the Academy what it is today

O.F.A has developed a football model in the country which contributes to sports development and uniting the community.
ORANGE/JE FOOTBALL ACADEMY Youth Development using through Football strives to overcome criminals, improve health and combat disease, fight violence,drugs,alcoholic and secure environmental sustainability as we are using football as a tool for education.
It engages disadvantaged and disabled youth, empowering them with skills to positively develop their personality and character,as a team sport it promotes fairness and tolerance,understanding, thereby contributing to the positive development of personality and character. thus increasing opportunities to tackle their life and enhancing a strong civil society
The project recognizes the potential that football and other sports can unleash when systematically included in processes of social change. Football especially has the power to unite people and cultures all over the world.
Thus, the project contributes actively and sustainably to achieving the Millennium Development Goals .

Our mission/vission

statement is to develop professional footballers and future ambassadors through our distinctive football philosophy and holistic character development as well as to strategically establish self-sustainable Hope Academies in disadvantaged communities and to uplift children in Africa in their football, faith and future.

In addition, Oranje Football Academy fosters youth development of the players, who, in many instances come from disadvantaged communities. Our skills development programme is focused on providing them with a good education, social expansion and a quality of life that will hold them in good stead in their future as professional footballers or in business.

Our Achievements

This program is designed for highly talented and committed players.

having already international call-ups  into the professional game..


Two footballers called in 2rd Tanzanian national team:

  • Seif Abdalla "karihe" 
  • Mudathir Yahya

Both now called for the first time to joing 2rd team of Tanzania National Team.

Seif Abdalla "karihe"is member of Zanzibar National Team.

In addition  we have numbered of players from Orange Football Academy which now are playing in high level compatition's Clubs  in defferent divitions in the country.

Before O.F.A Flamingo F.c is the club which produced CHELSEA F.C  player ADAM NDITI who relocated from Zanzibar to London.

Zanzibar has a long soccer history as compared to the countries around East Africa. Thew British Colonials found it worthwhile to introduce the game very early as they found the people to be athletic.
The organised league began in the 1930's with teams being formed on racial and ethnic basis but soon this changed into area names as the British do in their own country. Hence teams were formed in the names of Vikokotoni, Malindi, Kikwajuni, Miembeni but few were not following the trend.
There were teams like Police, PWD and others evenb borrowing foreign names like Fulham and at lower levels many other names cropped up like New Generation and many of the like.
Official regional games were established in late 1940's in the name of Sunlight Cup where Zanzibar challenged the mighty of Uganda, Kenya and Tanganganyika and the torunament later changed into Gossage Cup.

The British  soccer legend Stanley Mathews had a time to play in Zanzibar in the late 1960's when he also met his match, but time was not ripe for professionalism at that time.

The big names of the days were like Boti, Salum Jinni, Kidevu in the early 50's only for the batton to be passed to other maestros like Mzee Mwinyi, Abdull Majham, Shioni Mzee, Hija Saleh, Mkweche and many others.
These were the players that were even borrowed to play in the Tanganyika league which was more made of teams from Dar es salaam and Tanga.
The 60;s saw Zanzibar soccer growing even more but sooner the Union of Tanzania was formed and Zanzibar effort to venture to international world faded though Zanzibar had played international matches under her name against Uganda and Tanganyika as it would appear in the ELO Rating System.
Zanzibar now has here own organised league under its own Zanzibar Footbal Association.
ZFA takes Zanzibar into the East African Challenge Cup and at club levels as well. But also guides Zanzibar clubs into Africa Clubs competition in the CAF system.

The current President of ZFA is RAVIA IDAROUS FAINA and Secretary General is KASSIM HAJI SALIM
Zanzibar remains to date as the only country which has 5 tire league system in the whole of East and Central Africa. And this is :
The Premier League
First Division
Zonal League
Third Division
Fourth Division
In addition Zanzibar has youth development programs
Such as Central League youth U/19
Junior League youth U/17
and Juvenile League youth U15.
Zanzibar has been struggling to become FIFA member but this has been impossile to date.